Movie Piracy : How to Prevent it with the Help of Technology

Every year the Bollywood Film Industry loses a large chunk of hard earned money to movie piracy. This is nothing new and the miscreants strike every time after a movie becomes successful leaving the producers and other crew members of the respective production house baffled and helpless. People think about a solution only after they are affected but there is no point crying foul afterwards. To really tackle this epidemic which has grappled almost all the film and advertisement businesses across India and the world, you have to be careful right from the very start.

The first step would be to create awareness among all the parties involved about the ill effects of piracy. There are many upscale and latest security systems available in the market which can really help in controlling and preventing this malice practice at the root level. It is rightly said that prevention is always better than cure and this is where VCrypt Systems come into function. .

With VCrypt Bolly Crypt Application, be assured of protecting your valuable digital data from getting stolen or copied illegally. The VCrypt Bolly Crypt is a combination of web and mobile application which helps in securing your precious files and information at three levels.

Security at the Production level

Protect your data from getting stolen or copied right at the production level before it is released in the theatres.

Security at the Distribution level

With this application, you can make sure that your movie or film does not get redistributed or reproduced. The solution has inbuilt license keys which acts on operations to prevents any such illegal acts.

Security at the Screening level

This is one of the most vulnerable stages which need the most protection but with VCrypt Bolly Crypt, you do not have to worry anymore. The application is powered to give access to only authorized users to make it fool proof and safe from the trouble creators.

Anti piracy movement is slowly gaining momentum in Indian Film and Advertising industry. We, at VCrypt Systems are dedicated to play a very important role in eradicating this huge menace from the society and provide a safe and secure environment to the industry people. Get in touch today to know in details about the technologically advanced services and solutions offered by us.

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