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India has witnessed a major digital revolution across the country in the past decade. With over 450 million internet users and a growth rate of 7 to 8%, the country is on the path to becoming a digital economy with vast market opportunities. However, with such a massive data revolution, the safety and security of personal data have become major concerns. Almost every activity performed by an individual involves some kind of data transaction, making data protection a vital necessity.

The Government of India has taken steps to address data protection issues and has formed a committee to constitute a Data Protection Bill that is currently under process.

Important Features Regarding Data Protection in India

The rules and regulations regarding data protection are based on some prime principles. Let's have a look at them one by one.

  • The law must be flexible enough to suit the ever-changing technologies.
  • It should be applicable to both government and private sectors, except for some legitimate situations.
  • Genuine consent must be obtained for personal information used and stored.
  • Data minimization policy should be followed, obtaining only necessary information for a specific purpose.
  • Data controllers should be accountable for processing and using information.
  • The rules and regulations should be backed by a statutory authority with the final say in the matter.
  • Penalties for violators should be deterrent to prevent future wrongful acts.

Combining all of the above principles, a white draft paper has been created. Public opinions are being sought to create a comprehensive law regarding data piracy and protection. Public discussions are held across all major cities, and a law will be passed in the country based on the results.

Data Piracy Challenges Faced by Government & Pvt. Sector

Companies across the country are facing severe data piracy issues. With business entities heavily relying on virtual information, there is a willingness to pay for access to additional data. Data can be categorized into two types: data knowingly provided by consumers and data gathered by companies based on individuals' activities on the internet. This raises the question of who owns this valuable information. The situation becomes more complicated with the government demanding vital information from citizens, such as Aadhar Card, which has become mandatory for accessing government services. Private entities are also storing and using personal information for their benefit.

With access to such sensitive data, it is essential for businesses to be careful about protection and security against piracy. Negligence can impact individual privacy rights, decision-making capacity, and national security. According to the Information Technology Act, 2000, data collected, processed, and used by corporate bodies in India must adhere to the law's rules and regulations.

It is crucial for enterprises to revamp their policies related to data protection and security. Redesigning IT infrastructure timely will be cost-effective and easy to implement. Proper care should be taken to secure and protect company data from the start to avoid facing data piracy issues and penalties from the government.

Role of VCrypt Systems in Protecting Data Following Government’s Policy

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