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CAD is a technology used in the computer to design a product and store related documents in a graphical form. These designs are of utmost importance for any business, and their security is of prime concern. Protecting critical data, including CAD files, research studies, customer lists, and financial details, is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Ways CAD files can be illegally transferred or stolen:

  • Employees who are leaving the job may steal important company data.
  • Transferring or copying information or files through personal email accounts is common.
  • Some employees consider themselves part owners of company files as they created the data.
  • Files are often shared with other company employees, making it difficult to track each one.
  • Files are at risk of being copied and distributed illegally, posing a threat to the company's foundation.

Simple solutions to protect valuable information:

  • Create awareness among employees about the importance of company data and the consequences of theft.
  • Educate employees that safeguarding information leads to a secure environment and job stability.
  • Share only relevant data with other companies required for handling a project.
  • Choose the best security software package based on required control, CAD file type, and budget.

VCrypt Systems: The perfect security solutions to secure CAD files and information

VCrypt Systems, a technology-advanced security solutions provider, can help you protect all your valuable data. Their customized software is designed and created using modern and innovative techniques. Their CAD X-Encryptor is the ultimate solution for protecting all types of CAD applications. The company offers the unique One Technology Concept, equipped with Advanced Runtime Cryptography Virtual Machine(ARC-VM).

At VCrypt Systems, the customer is the king, and we ensure that the needs of every client are personally attended with commitment and dedication. Get in touch today to understand more about our security programs, curated and customized to serve you in the best possible way.

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