Multimedia Application Protection

Image piracy has been a major concern for professional photographers who share their work online for recognition or other purposes. Watermarking an image is not a foolproof solution as it can be easily done away with. More often than not, it gets difficult to stop the illegal copying or reproduction of images having copyrights. The same story goes for music/video piracy, where people download pirated music or videos readily available across the internet for free. The fact that the cost of reproduction of digital content is minimal & the ease with which it can be transmitted across the network makes digital piracy a menace amongst the producers of digital data.

Protect your multimedia files to be shared via different third party applications by selecting the required media file extensions & encrypt those files using Multimedia X-Encryptor. It has never been so easy & secure to safeguard your images, audio, video files & share them with intended recipients over a secure channel. With Multimedia X-Encryptor, all this can be achieved at the click of a mouse!

  • ✔ Supports all video editing software & file formats.
  • ✔ An Ultimate Multimedia video editing software Protection System.
  • ✔ Covers all internal & external application security loopholes and achieves the highest level of protection.


  • Grass Valley Edius Grass Valley Edius
  • Pinnacle Studio Pinnacle Studio
  • vMix vMix
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effect Adobe After Effect
  • Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop
  • Boris FX Boris FX
  • Complete Adobe Master Collection Complete Adobe Master Collection
  • & many more Apps & many more Apps

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